I’m currently working on my first novel and several non-fiction essays (a few current topics: misophonia, night terrors, feminist fanfiction). I’m shifting towards writing fiction and essays full time, but much of my work up to this point has been copywriting.

I've written over 100 pages of copy for Rail Europe's website and blog. Part of this was freelance work, part of it was full-time. Some were written on buses in Central America, in small airplane seats between continents, and from the perfect dining room table I had for a year in Chicago.


Dead - Exposition Review, 2nd Place Flash Fiction Winner, June 2018

Essays & Non-Fiction

How I Discovered This Thing Called Music - New York Times “Rites of Passage” column, October 2018

You Will Travel Through Europe by Bus - Matador Network, 2012

There’s a Place In (series): The Corn Islands - That Backpacker, 2013