I have two cats named Mulder and Scully, work in the travel industry in Paris, and spend a good deal of my free time looking for decor inspiration on Apartment Therapy. (update: Apartment Therapy actually featured me at one point and I don’t think I’ve ever fan-girled so hard)

I’ve worn several different hats as a traveler — as a backpacker, as part of a fancy tour group, as an intern, as a student ambassador, as a journalist, and as a masochist (20+ hour train and bus rides in non-reclining seats, over and over again, why).

I’ve also worn several different hats in the travel industry — I’ve worked as a travel consultant, a hostel intern, a travel writing intern, a travel journalist, and a freelance travel writer. I’ve planned press trips and led press trips. Once I also helped to lead a photography tour through Ireland (and by 'helped to lead a photography tour' I mostly mean 'helped to lead people towards bread pudding and Guinness').

I’m the co-founder of the TalesOnRail Artist in Residence program at Rail Europe.

I spend a lot of time hanging out in my clawfoot bathtub.